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Why should I choose Monkey Foot bags?

- Made in the USA!

- MFD bags are lined with ProCare as opposed to PUL. Why? Because ProCare is food safe and has *NO* DEHP, phalates, plasticizers, BPA strengtheners or bromanated fire retardants. It is also is more durable - you can feel the difference!

- Superior zipper quality: The zippers on MFD bags are over 1" long - this makes opening the bag easier (with one hand or two!) and the zipper tape is quite sturdy as well. (In the picture below, MFD bag is shown on the LEFT; "other" brand is on the RIGHT)


- Snap Straps: straps feature durable and CPSIA certified snaps

- Both compartments of the double wet bags are lined in ProCare. Many double pocket wet bags only line one pocket, but why limit yourself? This way you can use both pockets as you see fit! This design makes the bags perfect for the beach and for storing valuables such as wallets, electronics, etc.

- Seams are heat sealed to permanently keep water and odor in!

- Incredibly cute boutique style fabrics with coordinating handles!

- The astronauts use them on the Space Station - they were the bag of choice by NASA! (read the interview HERE)

- They come in a variety of sizes - See diagram below for size comparisons.


Single Pocket MFD Bag Family

Can I return / exchange my bag for a different size / pattern?

Bags can be returned / exchanged for a refund or different product ONLY if the bag has not been used or laundered. Please email me at kristen@monkeyfootdesigns.com to set up the return process.

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