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MFD wet bags are guaranteed against workmanship / material defects for 90 days from the date of purchase. Normal wear and tear is not covered under this warranty, however any sewing defects or hardware defects (zippers, straps, snaps, clips, etc.) are covered within this time period. If you have received a defective product, please contact me (Phone: 603-236-1097) or email: Kristen@monkeyfootdesigns.com) with the following information: date of purchase, transaction information (if purchased directly from me), defect noted, and picture (if possible). I will determine if the bag can be repaired or replaced and you will receive a response within 24-48 hours (during the normal business week) with how to proceed.

Important information regarding the care of your bag:


  • WASHING: MFD bags should be machine or hand washed in warm water. The recommended temperature is between 100-120 degrees F / 37-49 degrees Celsius. Use only mild chemicals/detergents in the dilution prescribed by the manufacturer of the chemical. Do not use detergents/chemicals not recommended for use with flexible vinyl fabrics.  CAUTION: Use of wrong detergents and not following instructions could cause shrinkage, polyester fiber damage and delamination.  Do NOT use solvents to wipe/clean the lining under any circumstances even for treating stains. Use of solvents can cause brittleness and delamination.
    Note: The damage will be seen as cracks, creases and distortion in the fabric.
    • High speed washers / use of a sanitizing setting may cause damage to your bag. They can contribute to wear and tear of your product, especially when the vigorous spin cycle and high heat in the sanitation cycle is used. Bleach and brightening agents may also harm your bag, so please do not launder your bags with either of these additives. I personally wash my bags with clothes / towels after I have rinsed out the bags - this will prevent the buildup of ammonia / odors and allow further use of the bags once you are no longer cloth diapering.
  • DRYING: Air dry or dry on low/medium low. Do NOT dry in hot cycle.
    • Hot spots in dryer drums often exceed 140°C (284°F) and may cause the laminate to melt and stick to the dryer drum. The backing will soften at 180°F and liquefy at 284°F. If subjected to heat in this range, depending on other factors such as duration and dryer load, the vinyl could melt. This could result in tiny pinholes, multiple pinholes in a linear group or larger holes. The most common problem occurs at a crease or fold in the fabric, which acts as a leading edge of contact in tumbling of the fabric in the dryer. When exposed vinyl comes in contact with a too hot portion of the dryer drum, the vinyl momentarily flows, adheres to the drum and pulls away or “picks off” from the vinyl leaving a hole the size of the interstice of the textile. IMPORTANT: Monitor your drying cycle to prevent too high heat settings and inspect dryers for hot spots.
    • Cool down: Make sure the item is allowed to run through cool down cycle in the dryer. Without proper cool down the heated backing may fuse to itself at creased fold-overs in the product. If you try to separate these creases the backing may tear.
  • Damage caused to the bag due to high heat, or use of additives is not covered under the warranty.
  • Damage caused to the bag by something placed in the bag that pierced / ripped the fabric is not covered under the warranty.

Leaking / Wicking:

  • If you find that your bag is leaking / wicking, please perform this simple test to see if the lining needs to be resealed: fill your bag with 1-2 cups of water (or lesser amount for smaller bags) and gently rock the bag back and forth (without turning the bag upside down). If water starts to drip out along the bottom or side, then there is a defect in the lining. If you see that there is a hole in the lining from another source (puncture from a ring, fingernail, etc), this is not covered under the warranty. If the bag leaks and you don'y see any damage, this is covered under the warranty (I will test the bag again when I receive it and will report my findings to you).
  • For smaller bags, please take care not to stuff the bags to the top with damp/wet items because the zippers will wick moisture. You should place your wet items in a larger bag to prevent the zippers from getting wet.
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